Post explaining/demonstrating new user features

As we know Discourse is awesome at adding new features be it to the main code, themes and/or plugins. Often these features go unnoticed by the end users because

  1. They don’t know about this site
  2. They don’t frequent this site
  3. They don’t know about release notes
  4. Their admins are not passing the info along by reading what’s new on the admin page

While I don’t pass every new feature along I do try to make a post demonstrating useful features that may go unnoticed, e.g. bookmark reminders, Language highlighting - Discourse forum Feedback - SWI-Prolog, Expandable text sections or Copy code block to clip board

What would be nice is that when features are added, post are added that make the features understandable for end users.

I don’t expect the Discourse staff to take on this job but maybe a new category could be made and the community could contribute the post. The post would have to be contributed as Creative Commons or something so that others can edit them. The primary use would be via a link to the existing post, but others may want to copy the post to their Discourse site and adjust as necessary, or if the site is in a secure facility and not allowed to use such links.