Plugin Memberful doesn't add users to groups

I am setting up Memberful for paid membership. It seems it can’t add users to groups. Is it generally so that users have to be added to groups manually when not using wp-discourse?

Can you describe what you are trying to do in more detail? Are you connecting Memberful directly to Discourse with SSO? From reading this page: Integrate Discourse with Memberful it should be possible to add users to Discourse groups when they sign up with Memberful.

If you are using the Memberful WordPress plugin, the configuration that’s required may be a little different than what is described in that link.



I am using the Memberful WP-Plugin on my website. Members register there. Now everything works except the members are not sent to the forum. I had the maintenance page still up for the testing and that seems to have interfered.
Right now, I am solving the issue with a link to the forum in the welcome email, so clients go there manually. The staff at Memberful tries to solve this issue.

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Do you have SSO configured between WordPress and Discourse?

I would like to find out how Memberful is adding users to Discourse groups. They could either be doing it through adding parameters to the SSO payload, or by adding members through the Discourse API. If they are adding members through the SSO parameters, it will only work if Memberful is being used as the SSO provider for Discourse. I will look into this some more, because it seems that what they are doing could be a useful service to use with Discourse forums.

From what I understand, Memberful doesn’t even know about Discourse in this setup.
It’s Memberful - Wordpress and then Wordpress - (SSO) - Discourse.

So how would Memberful be able to do anything with Discourse?

With the WP-plugin Memberful, DIscourse uses Memberful for SSO. The members are added to the planned group with Memberful, but they are not forwarded to the forum by the plugin right now, which the plugin should do.

When setting up the integration of Discourse into the WP-Memberful plugin, I entered the Discourse API. When the plugin connects to the site, it overrides the settings:

Discourse Settings

When Memberful connects to Discourse it changes some of your default Discourse settings. A list of those changed settings is below.

Don’t reset the SSO Settings or the integration will stop working!

Settings → Login

  • enable_sso: On
  • enable sso provider: On
  • sso url: Set by Memberful
  • sso secret: Set by Memberful
  • sso overrides email: On
  • sso overrides name: On

Settings → Users

  • email editable: Off

Settings → Posting

  • display name on posts: On

Settings → Other

  • send welcome message: Off
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Do users login to both Discourse and your WordPress site through Memberful? If so, is this working correctly?


My Wordpress Site is not protected so users don’t have to log in to read it. But they sign in through Memberful to Discourse. It works, the only trouble is the first sign in when registering. They are not forwarded, and since they don’t have the url, they would be stranded.

I added the forum link to the welcome letter and people find the forum that way the first time they are logging in.


I think, it would be great to work together with them. They are providing outstanding support and are really engaged in finding a solution to the problem.

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Discourse has a ‘verbose logging’ SSO setting. It lets you see what is sent when a user logs in with SSO. Enabling this and looking at the result would be helpful.

Go to your Discourse settings page and search for SSO. Then select the setting ‘verbose sso logging.’

(From reading the Memberful docs, it sounds like they are also enabling the ‘sso provider’ setting on Discourse. They shouldn’t need to do that, but I don’t think enabling it effects anything.)

For the following to give useful information, I’m assuming that you are a member of a Memberful group.

Log out of Discourse and then log back in. Now go to Admin/Logs/Error Logs. On the bottom left of that page, deselect the Debug and Info checkboxes. It should give you a view something like this. Look for entries starting with ‘Verbose SSO log: User was logged on…’ Click on that line and then click on the ‘info’ button on the bottom left of the page.

Scroll down the information that’s displayed at the bottom of the page. You should see an entry for ‘add groups.’
Are there any group names associated with that entry?


If you are in touch with Memberful, and they have any questions about Discourse SSO or groups, get them in touch with us. They can post in this topic, or message me directly if that’s better.