Plugins don't show up

I’m running a Discourse site the developer way, so no Docker implemented. I am running separate services for sidekiq, redis and discourse. Everything works ok.

Only if I install a new plugin (I git-clone it into the /plugins directory, chmod to user www-data or discourse, does not matter and restart above mentioned services, also rebooted the server) I cannot see the plugin on the site /admin/plugins. There is no single plugin listed.
But if I search in /admin/site_settings for an element of a newly installed plugin, say the plugin chat-integrations, I search for “chat” and find the settings for this plugin: “chat integration enabled” and all the related settings. Some of them are enabled (checked), some are not. If I hit hard-reload (Ctrl-Shift-R on Linux) those checked items change, so all of a sudden, e.g. slack is no more activated but discourse is, next reload vice versa etc.

The same happens with other plugins like the discourse-news.

No plugin seems to work.

I successfully installed the discourse-big-header-little-header component, and it shows up and works.

But what is wrong with the plugins?

It’s pretty impossible to guess. If you do Discourse official Standard Installation and it doesn’t work, let us know.


The official standard installation is a docker installation.
As mentioned above, I did not install it using docker.