Plugin's locale broken by Discourse Skelton plugin

I am using the latest version (2.8.0.beta9) on GitHub to develop plugins. But some words (including official plugins) look like placeholder and are not replaced with their translations. I have tried to delete tmp folder and restart, but it took no effort. Is this a bug?


I don’t know. I had an issue yesterday where I had added another plugin and all of my plugin’s locale strings refused to render. I removed that other plugin and they started working again. The one I removed was based an the Skelton plugin. I didn’t test further to see what the issue might have been. I didn’t upgrade discourse and have no idea if this is related.

Thank you. I can reproduce it. The bug disappears after I remove one plugin based on discourse-plugin-skeleton. That’s exactly the reason.

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Oh. Very interesting. I’ll going to change your title accordingly. Perhaps someone can explain it.

Oh yeah, we saw the exact same issue earlier this week. @vinothkannans I think you were looking to add a placeholder to the skeleton locale?


It should fix the broken plugin locales issue in the future.