Plugins no more supported by Discourse


Recently I had a problem with discourse installation, as last time I installed discourse from scratch was version 1.3.1, and later just kept updating it. So some plugins I guess are no more supported by official discourse now. But I figured this out that one of the plugins I was using (slack) is no more supported after like 3-4 days of struggle and multiple reinstalls.

Just a thought or a suggestion that it would be nice if to remove such plugins or add a check during the plugin installation if such plugins were not supported. Because the error I was getting in the logs was “connection refused” thought it had to do something with the NGINX or firewall rules.



Users are recommended to run ./discourse-doctor to check for issues like this.
Besides many other checks, the tool also checks if unofficial plugins are installed!


Correct, but what if a user has maybe 10 or 15 plugins? all those plugins were official, but one of them is no more official and not supported now. So, he will have to check each plugin manually by searching here just like I did. I actually meant, to prompt the user during registration if they were using any of those not-supported plugins before even installation process begins because the installation process takes time and after x minutes you come to know that the installation didn’t work.