Essential Discourse Plugins

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I am looking for the list of essential Discourse plugins?
The plugins which should be installed right after the new installation.


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There are none! Discourse has all of the functionality you need to get started with a community right out of the box. Many folks who are used to platforms like WordPress look for plugins right away, but in a lot of cases they’re simply not necessary.

Our recommended approach is run the community for a while, and if there are features missing (like marking topics as solved, subscription support, or integrating with chat) or problems you’re looking to solve, then have a look at the #plugin directory here.

A word of caution: plugins can wholly and entirely break your Discourse instance if something goes wrong with the code. This can happen with #official plugins, but is especially true for 3rd party plugins simply because of how the release cycle works.

If you’re looking for mere visual enhancements, check out the #theme category, as themes will not have as broad of an impact on your site if something goes wrong.


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