What is the difference between raw.hbs handlerbar files and only .hbs handlerbar files?

(Net Deamon) #1

I noticied that few plugin outlet like topic-list-after-title require raw.hbs file
while other require only hbs file.

I did search in the handlebars documentation, but I could see anything as raw hbs file.

I checked in the discourse code, plugin outlet like topic-list-after-title are defined as

{{raw-plugin-outlet name="topic-list-after-title"}}

while other plugins are defined as

{{plugin-outlet name="composer-fields-below" args=(hash model=model)}}

Q1. Is there any reason why some plugin plugin are defined in above way ( raw-plugin-outlet) ?

Also I noticied that in the raw.hbs file, the setupcomponent is not called as explained in this link

Q2. Is it so? I had also asked similar question regarding this.

Plugins not loading. What am I missing?