Plugins section not working properly

Not sure what’s going on here, but my plug-ins section isn’t working. When you click a tab, no setting open up. Just blank! I have tried rebuilding 3 times.

Any ideas please?


Do you see any errors in your browser’s javascript console?

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I am seeing this. I installed a plugin:

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Where did you install the discourse-wellfed plugin from? It has now been superceded by GitHub - discourse/discourse-rss-polling, so you should use that. If you can point me to where you found the old plugin we can try and get it updated to avoid confusion in future.


I’m still having an issue. I have installed the latest plugin as instructed above, but I’m not seeing the ‘Wellfed’ option in the left-hand column on my plugins page. So, I can’t input any RSS feeds.

Plugin docs screenshot:

My admin page:

Wellfed was superceded by rss-polling, I’m pretty sure rss-polling doesn’t have add anything related to the old Wellfed plug-in to the UI.

It’s clearly installed as your screenshot shows. Have you checked the plugin settings?

This is bizarre. I have no idea why - I haven’t touched anything - but the menu option has just appeared (it hasn’t been there since I installed on Friday).