PM tagging / tags no working on mobile

I noticed the textarea/input form for adding PM tags isn’t showing up on mobile.

Any workaround for that?

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Hmmm. Yes, adding a tag to a PM when creating a message does not seem to be appearing on mobile. :thinking:

However, if you create a message, and then either edit the title or OP then the tag input box appears.

I’ll slide this over to bug. :+1:

  • Add a group (staff) to pm tags allowed for groups
  • Create a PM using a mobile
  • No tagging option available in composer
  • Send a PM
  • Edit the PM title or OP and the tagging option appears

I would expect the tagging option to appear in both create and edit


Thanks! Glad that’s useful and thank you for the workaround.


It looks like this is not a recent regression, it has been like this since at least August 2022: FIX: Show tag chooser if can_tag_pms (#18107) · discourse/discourse@f351200 · GitHub

Do you remember if this was for usability reasons, @nbianca?

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I do not remember the whole context, but I think it was done this way because of space constraints. It can get very cluttered for PMs because there are inputs for the recipients, title and tags too. I think something else changed in the layout because now it looks like it could work:


@nbianca I can’t see it on the list of commits?

The PR is still open and under review right now, but I expect it to be merged soon.


@sok777, I have just merged this commit. You can update your instance and you will get the fix. Thank you for the patience!


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