Podcast episodes about Discourse

Sometimes I listen to podcast episodes talking about Discourse in one way or another. I thought it might be interesting for others to build a topic linking to all such episodes.

Jeff Atwood — Sharing the House

Developer on Fire, 7 Aug 2017, Episode 258

How to build communities with Jeff Atwood

Dorm Room Tycoon — 19 Nov 2017


Discourse Part 2 with Sam Saffron

The Ruby Rogues only - 7 Aug 2013

This episode is aimed mostly at developers. It answers intersting questions like:

  • Why Ruby and not PHP
  • Why Postgres and not multi-db support
  • How multisite works
  • Contribution to Rails and Ember
  • Performance and constant optimization
  • Static aaseets management
  • Accepting contributions to The Discourse Open Source project