Polls with combobox (seach and select among available options)

Is it possible to build a poll which doesn’t list options by default as it could be a very long list and only lets users to search and select options? Something like a combobox where I can also limit the min/max number of selections.

You can use the multiple choice poll to let people choose among 20 options. That limit can be increase with the poll maximum options setting. You can set the minimum and maximum choices too:

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 11.31.31 AM

It seems the max for poll maximum options is 100. Is that not enough for your needs?

Are you interested in a combobox to avoid a list of 100 options filing up screen after screen? Or is there some other reason for it?


Hi @jericson and thank you for your reply,

Yes, I don’t want the (long) list to be displayed and only a combobox which displays options based on entered value [1] and allows multiple selection. Even with +20 options, I believe it’s not nice to have all options displayed and expect the user to search for the opiton they want to select. And in our case, the options are much more.

[1]: The behaviour could be like tagging users where there are suggestions as you type and then you select one. Here, in the combobox the suggestons are based on the provided opitons and there could be multiple selection based on the min/max settings.