Poll not working on a banner topic

Hi Team Discourse !

I’m here to report on a little bug, when I create a topic with a poll and pin it to banner topic two things are broken :

  • it is impossible to vote
  • If we go inside the topic and vote, the result is not visible on the banner.

I run in a fairly recent version (updated 2 or 3 days ago), but it doesn’t seem that it was fixed since then.

There is nothing urgent, I noticed it on a little forum under construction, and I doubt these kinds of ideas are often used.


Can repro. The radio buttons do not appear in the banner, and it appears that interaction with the poll is not considered an edit, and thus not picked up by the banner.

Is this a consequence of using the archetype field to store banner state?

Using polls in banners is a cool idea! But I’m not surprised it doesn’t work and I’d say it’s not necessarily a bug… it’s not really how polls are designed to be used. So… “don’t do that”.

Or maybe this topic can be made a feature request. I can see it being a pretty neat feature!