Poll problem when i use "-d --binding"


I have a problem with the polls. When i use Discourse in my localhost, the polls works very well (i can choose my answer). But when i launch my server with the command “bundle exec rails server -d --binding=”, my polls are displayed but the buttons are NOT displayed, i can’t do any action…
There are some parameters who need to fix? The development mode can be the problem?
Ty for your help, and sorry for my english…

(Felix Freiberger) #2

Are you trying to use a development install for production use? If so, this is not supported, and you should follow these instruction to install instead.

If you’re trying to develop Discourse (plugins): How did you setup your development install, exactly? Why do you need to bind to


Ty for your answer.
Yes, i m in development, but i don’t understand why this binding can break only the polls (just the buttons) and not the others plugins…
I have used “binding=” to show Discourse to my colleague in our network. So he has access to my discourse, but the polls don’t work (it’s only displayed but no button).
I continue to search…


I reply me… if it can help someone :
the problem is the “-d” option, not really the binding. In fact, Discourse was launched in background, but it was that the problem… Discourse needs to be in forefront.
So we have used a tool : “Screen”, and the following command :
screen -S discourse -d -m bundle exec rails server --binding=
Good Luck…