Polls permission enhancements

Considering polls are embedded in a post, if the post is within a category with permissions, the polls should take into consideration those permissions.

Beyond considering a vote a reply or not, any sort of interaction with the post should be considered in those permissions, as they are essentially part of the entity controlled by permissions. Does not makes sense to me that anyone can interact with a “View only” post because the post is fundamentally its content, and that includes polls.

I propose that polls behave the following way according to the permissions applied to the category of the post:

  • See: Only see the results (partial or closed), taking into account the “Public” to show or not voters.
  • Reply / See: Same as See plus the ability to vote
  • Create / Reply / See: Same as Reply / See plus the ability to create posts with polls.

Should they also not be able to like a post in that scenario? It seems to me that like and vote are similar interactions with the post, but both are clearly not new replies.

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Actually, IMHO, likes are meta information about a post, as it is not in its content, although it is a reaction of the content. A poll, on the other hand, is inside the content of the post. In a permission environment, any type of content should comply to what those permissions allows or disallows.

I have been thinking that there should be an option to restrict the right to vote to certain groups only. Recently someone had a problem that people create accounts to manipulate prestigious polls. If only members of the @trust_level_2 group were allowed to vote, his problem would have been quite solved.

The syntax could be something like this:

[poll voters=trust_level_3,translators]
- Transifex is awesome!
- Transifex could be better.
- Transifex is the worst piece of crap I've ever seen.

This feature would offer an easy solution for @leog’s case, too of course.


I respectfully disagree with this interpretation.

Disallowing replies clearly means, no replies. It has no bearing whatsoever on reacting to a post, which a vote is, and a like is.

Clearly, we have different interpretations of what a post constitutes and where polls falls into place. A poll from my perspective is content, as it is inside the content section of the post, unlike the liking feature. Therefore, replying, or directly interacting with the post’s content, should be bound by permissions, including voting in a poll which is done in the post’s content section wherever the author may have place it, varying in content itself (differents options, multiple/single choice, etc).

I guess we can agree to disagree :slight_smile:

But when you like, you are reacting to the content of the post. You are saying “I like what you wrote in the body of your post”. :wink:

Right, liking is reacting to, not with, as you can’t reply due to permissions therefore you shouldn’t be able to react with voting on a poll located in its content.

Anyway, maybe the best course of action would be considering @rizka’s suggestion :sweat_smile:

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It is an excellent suggestion and solves multiple issues… great idea. :+1:


Coming back to this, do we know if this is part of the voting plugin roadmap? If not, how can I help to make it happen?

If it wasn’t picked up officially the quickest solution is to offer payment in #marketplace