Poll with @ username doesn't register clicks

  1. Create a poll
  2. Put usernames in the options such as “Which bug to fix next?” Option: “hyperlinks in quotes reported by @Lorne_Kates
  3. When voting, click on any part of the poll with @Lorne_Kates in the text
  4. Your click will silently get eaten and not registered as a vote

Especially dangerous if someone doesn’t realize the UI changes after the click, and assumes their vote has been registered. If there’s a poll with multiple options, but only few or one with a username in it, it will bias that poll AGAINST that option.


I can’t reproduce this issue.

Let’s try here

I can half-reproduce it. When I click on a name, I get the user’s card, but it doesn’t register the vote. So it’s not “eating the click”, as reported, but it’s definitely not doing what the user might expect, and whether or not a user would consider a vote “cast” when they see a user’s card is open for debate.

Seems unlikely since the UI to show a vote option is quite clear. I call this UX, and deem it closed.

I think if people put usernames as clickable in poll, well, you get what you signed up for…

It’s totally broke on mobile, but totally agree with status won’t fix on this, not worth the effort, remove the @

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