Polls don't register votes

Hey, I started using Discourse for a guild website, and wanted to take advantage of the poll plugin that appears to be installed by default. I add “Poll:” to the beginning of the post title, use the mixed BBCode/Markdown formatting and submit, and I get the poll I expect… however, clicking on any of the options results in nothing happening.

I’m on Discourse 1.5.0beta3+19, running on a DigitalOcean server, and my third-party plugins are:

  • docker_manager
  • discourse-tagging
  • image-gallery
  • discourse_calendar

I feel I should also note that tagging doesn’t work either; the text box that appears beneath the one I’m typing into here doesn’t appear on my installation of Discourse. For a peek at the site, please check out http://unifiedkingdom.com/ (and here’s a link to a poll)

Disable the discourse-image-gallery plugin and see if it still throws an error. That plugin is throwing an error on page load.

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Where is this plugin from? I don’t recognize it.

That worked! Thank you very much. I haven’t had time to really dig in to how Discourse works under the surface yet, but I plan on it when I have more than a few minutes of time to spare.

I found it here, in extensibility > plugin; the topic was called “Google Calendar Onebox” or something like that. I can dig up a link if you’d like.

Okay, yeah, it’s obsolete now, you can remove it.