Polls not working

The polls on our forum have stopped working. They say there are no voters and don’t allow one to vote.

A couple examples: Weekly Tech Survey [12.09.17] - Tech Talk | Hardware - Eve Community

Sorry about that. Having a look :mag:


This looks like a problem I had on my discourse last week. If you create a new poll, does it work? I am not able to replicate now with a new poll on try or my discourse. It seems to work.

I’d love to know the troubleshooting steps for figuring out what’s gone wrong with an existing poll, and to fix it. Broken polls causes alot of anguish in my community.

If I create a poll now, it works, but not when I tested it prior to posting here.

Edit: it works when first I post a poll, but it seems after a while (10 min or so) it stops working.

really? that sounds bad. let’s test it right here.

  • will this poll stop working in 10 minutes? YES
  • NO it will not stop working.
  • Let’s see

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It works for me, maybe try checking the javaScript console?

Clear cache? I got burnt a few times. So now always reload without cache after a rebuild.

Hey guys!

We really need help with polls not working. As for our community voting is at its core. And now all of the past votes we have created since 2016 don’t work!

Try checking the JS console or reload cache as @schungx mentioned.

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We’ve reverted the code that was generating this bug. We’re in the process of deploying to all our customers.


Thanks, Regis! Can I assume that this is different from the issue I was having last week?


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