Polls broken after update

I just upgraded my site to 2.9.0beta2 (dfc19c62f8) via ssh (by pulling and then rebuilding via launcher). Everything seems to be working fine, except that all polls seem to have had their votes reset, and the poll builder is no longer available when composing a post.

I have confirmed that this persists even in safe mode, so I suspect that I broke something by accident. Is there some way to debug what might be going wrong/how to repair this? It’s alright if the poll votes data is lost, although I would obviously prefer if that could be avoided!

I think the Poll Builder counts as a plugin, so will be disabled in safe mode (if you select ‘disable official plugins’).

Have you checked to see if it’s enabled in your admin settings?


Yes, it is enabled in my settings.

Could you try safe mode but leave official plugins enabled, and see if that makes a difference?

It appears that it was indeed the fault of a plugin. Thanks!

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