Possible to automatically create forum topic when user submits review on Wordpress theme?

Hey everyone!

Just dipping my feet into Discourse for the first time, and had a quick question.

I know that the WP-Discourse plugin brings the functionality of forum topics being created automatically when a WP user replies to a blog post.

However, I’d like to know if this same functionality can be extended to when a user submits a review in a directory listing on the WP installation? (Please see: https://mylistingtheme.com/place/typing-room/#reviews as an example).

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated! Thanks!

If a review is a WordPress post-type then it may be possible. If you have the WP Discourse plugin installed on the site, go to the bottom of the plugin’s Publishing options tab and look at the ‘Post Types to Publish’ section. Do you see a post-type listed in that section for reviews?

What WordPress plugin are you using for reviews? If it’s a free plugin, I’ll take a look at it.

Hey Simon, thanks for the reply!

It seems that this theme (MyListing) categorizes reviews as comments, and not post-types. Any chance you believe this is something that could be modified?

This is all I’m seeing in that window (plus “product” underneath, not shown here):

The review functionality is added with the theme itself, as I didn’t install any WordPress plugins aside from the WP Discourse plugin and Elementor. I can provide the theme files privately, if that would be helpful to look at.

Again, I truly appreciate your time. Thanks!

Pushing comments to Discourse is the default functionality of that plugin. If a review is just a comment, then it will probably just work by default. Try it.


Hmm… aside from installing the plugin and enabling auto-publish, is there any other configuration in the plugin settings that I may have missed that would lead to this not working (assuming it is compatible with the reviews in the theme I’m using)?

This will be a problem. The WP Discourse plugin publishes posts from WordPress to Discourse and pulls Discourse comments to WordPress. It would probably be possible to publish the post at Typing Room – MyListing from WordPress to Discourse, but for reviews (comments) to show up on Discourse, they would need to be created on the Discourse site. This may also be possible, but you would lose a lot of the review functionality that is being provided by your WordPress theme.

Oops. Sorry for the confusion. I had the direction messed up.

Thank you again for your input on this.

Out of curiosity, what would be the most sensible way to deal with this? Would it be to try to have some custom work done on the theme’s end so these reviews are classified appropriately?

All good! I appreciate your feedback.

It’s hard to say. One approach would be to publish the ‘listing’ posts to Discourse and have the reviews created directly on Discourse as replies to the post. Possibly the Topic Ratings Plugin could get you started with this. It is possible to display the ratings that are created with that plugin in comments on WordPress. It would take some custom code on WordPress to display the ratings though.


Thanks, Simon! Will check this out.

I’ve been searching the forums for this, but can’t find a solid answer - is there an appropriate way to find an individual/team that is capable of customizing Discourse plugins or creating custom plugins?

You could try creating a topic in the #marketplace category.