Possible to create an invite-only setup?

  • you can join only if invited by an existing user
  • admin control to limit tokens so growth can be controlled
  • record of who invited who (to add some responsibility for who you invite)

…you’d think by now I’d learn to dig in settings first.

So I can create an invite-only setup, but it restricts invites to staff and “trusted” users.

What/who are trusted users? Can that be like, level-3 users? …that’d be slick! Have to earn the ability to invite others…

And my other point about being able to limit invites still stands: A way to say, 100 new invite tokens may be generated, and then users who can invite, can generate single-use-token invitations.

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The trick is in the threshold for tl2 :wink:

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Thanks for pointing me to that @Benjamin_D !

It looks like tokens can be set to be usable only once, and there’s a per-user limit. (So I could say, you can only invite 1 new user per day, for example.)

Is there a way to limit total growth? …a total limit across the site for the number of tokens generated per day— and zero should be a valid setting so I can effectively freeze new invitations.

The invite interface should say something nice like, “sorry there is a limit to the daily invitations and that has been reached for today” …or something making it clear that a) you have reached your per-day limit versus b) the site has reached it’s entire, all-users-combined, per-day limit.

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I’m also wondering how well the invite system would play with the Discourse-plugin-based subscription system?

If I create the site so that you cannot see anything until you’ve subscribed… are people going to follow an invite, create their account, and then see that they need a subscription? …or can the create-account and fulfill-subscription (enter and process payment) be done in one obvious flow?