Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

Originally published at: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

The user trust system is a fundamental cornerstone of Discourse. Trust levels are a way of… Sandboxing new users in your community so that they cannot accidentally hurt themselves, or other users while they are learning what to do. Granting experienced users more rights over time, so that they can help everyone maintain and moderate…


Hey @codinghorror

Just realized that the setting trusted_users_can_edit_others has to be enabled in order for tl4 users to be able to edit all posts. How about adding that information in the topic above?

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But that goes enabled by default on every site.


That is already enabled by default. Test if you don’t believe me.


Mine was disabled. :thinking:
Maybe at least mentioning the existence of the option to disable it might be useful information.

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We don’t generally mention rare deviations from defaults, it ends up being trivia, we assume defaults are on and there for a reason :wink: