Possible to recover information from a deleted user

So, we recently had someone create an account to make a couple of offensive posts, and we’re trying to piece together what exactly is going on. The first problem is that the user deleted their first post inside the grace editing window so the original post is not showing up, even in the editing history, only the “Post will be deleted in 1 hour unless flagged” message. We (think we) have corrected future problems with this via turning off the grace window, but are wondering if it’s possible to pull back what the original message was.

Additionally, we know the account is a sockpuppet and generally I scrape the info from sock puppet accounts to see if someone has any more (or creates them in the future), but the account was deleted by an admin, so the information (IP, email, ect.) is gone. Is there any way to recover this too?

You mean the user edited their post inside the grace period. We also saw a handful of human spammers doing this, and the proper fix was to send grace period edits through the whole validation pipeline cc @eviltrout

In the meantime there is a site setting to disallow grace period edits for new users as I recall.


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