Internal page redirect non functionnal

hello !

I’ve tried to used the Permalink section of a forum we’re running, and it was working about 3 weeks ago, where an article to a page that was put in an admin-only section (as it was obselete) would redirect to a new article more updated :confused:

Those are the several redirections I’ve tried to implement

and litterally none of these have worked, even though it has worked towards the end of may…

this is the link to the old subject (unaccessible since it’s in a private category :
and it should redirect to this article : Android sans Google: passer sur /e/OS - e/OS/ - Commown

could you help me ?? ty :purple_heart:

i’ve fixed the issue ! the old topic was moved to a private category before being deleted, however, by moving the deleted article to a public category, the redirection for non-admin/mod users works as intended now !


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