Possible to remove signup ip?

a user (moderator) would appreciate if their sign-up IP address was removed from view (from other moderators). easily possible?

Super easy: don’t log in and around 5 years from now it will be gone

  • Retain the IP addresses associated with registered users and their posts no more than 5 years.

Not so easy. repeatedly use the console to set the Users ip_address field to null

Not so easy, then super easy: Write a plugin to automatically set the field to null


Are you sure about that? I had a look at the code and couldn’t find anything related to that. So far it seems to be only a statement in the privacy policy and not something realized by the system.


Not so sure. What I was thinking of appears to only involve cleaning up the Screened IPs not User IPs

Yes, this is something different.

So far the statement from the privacy policy (which seems to be also the default for all Discourse installations) doesn’t seem to be backed up by an implementation.

Hopefully, with the GDPR around the corner, it’s going to be changed soon.