Post body with full uppercase and images

(Mariano Rodriguez) #1

I’ve seeing and issue where posts with all caps text and images, doesn’t trigger any issue with the uppercase check.

Here is the setting unchecked (as expected)


And here’s the post:

The link if you want to see it live is: Puntas de tripoides y copas - Club Corsa CCV

(Sam Saffron) #2

Tricky, this is related to the image in the post, it causes a bypass.

We can not really have a partially working site setting though :slight_smile:

@codinghorror how much do you want this fixed ?

The problem is that we need to do this particular test on Raw -> Cooked -> converted back to text without images. This adds definite cost into the pipeline.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I don’t feel this rare case is worth doing a lot of extra engineering work for. There are lots of ways to bypass. Putting   in your post would work too, for example.

(Christoph) #4

Just an idea: maybe another way of dealing with with this would be to make the setting trigger at 90 percent uppercase or so?

(Mariano Rodriguez) #5

I really like this idea.

I was thinking maybe in a regex, to avoid taking into account [ * ]( * ) something like that. So the most common use cases, without trying to really bypass the limitation like emojis, links, images, are excluded from the parsing.