Setting: allow uppercase posts

Is there a way to allow upper case in titles while not allowing it in post texts. We have references that may be included in titles such as G/DC-008 which is a summit reference number and if we have this setting as do not allow, it comes out as G/dc-008. Alternatively is there a way in force G/DC-008 to be retained as G/DC-008 and not converted to G/dc-008 while still disallowing upper case posts.

The site setting allow uppercase posts will allow uppercase in both title and body. Unless you have users who write in all caps, perhaps that may be sufficient?


Search settings for “upper”.

Please note that this specific functionality as asked currently isn’t possible given the current site settings. Is there a strong need to automatically disallow uppercase posts in your forum? I’ve generally considered it sufficient to allow upper case posts (both body and content) - if anyone abuses it, you can let your community know to flag those as they would any other inappropriate post.


It is not a critical issue. I wanted be be sure I hadn’t missed something. We will just keep an eye out for anyone out of line. Thanks for the clarity.

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