Post collaborators

I’m not sure if there’s a huge need for this feature, but I figure a discussion couldn’t hurt. Right now, there’s not really anything in between only you being able to edit your posts and a wiki where anyone of a certain trust level can edit your posts. Has there been any discussion around allowing users to set collaborators for their post, where only those users have edit rights?


Admins can set this up on a category level, by tweaking the security settings to enable only certain groups to write and others only to read.

There is no way to change security settings on a topic level. The exception to this is PMs which are just topics with users specifically included. These can be made into wikis too so the included users can edit the OP.

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I’m thinking more like how Regulars can make specific posts into wikis. Could it be useful for them to add collaborators instead of making the post a wiki?

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I’m not sure what problem it is you are trying to solve. Can you explain further? Are you concerned about people editing wikis they should not be editing? I think that is fairly rare and when it happens you can revert to a previous version. You can also write to them to ask them not to edit your wikis or loop in moderators if they persist.


That was my thought too. Like I said, I was just curious if it had been discussed and what other opinions were.