Wiki Permissions Query


I did try searching for an answer to this one but came across specs and feature requests that were quite old, so my apologies in advance if this has already been asked.

If I was to create a category with restricted permissions, e.g. only admins can create/reply but everyone can view, and were to then create a topic and set it as a wiki, would everyone be able to edit it, or only those who are admins?


Edit permissions are independent from create/reply/view permissions. You can set which trust level is allowed to edit wiki posts in your admin settings.

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Hi Erlend,

Aha, so, in the case of already have some regular users which can do this, I wouldn’t want to really increase that level, as they would then not be able to continue updating what they do. But obviously, these, let’s say “official” wikis we cannot restrict via the category permissions.

Is my understanding there correct?

Assuming so, it sounds like our “official” wikis would perhaps be better off as just standard topics, then admins could still change the content if required, but standard users wouldn’t be able to and we could still maintain the existing wikis we have which are looked after by those regular members.

Sounds right, but I’m actually a bit unsure here. I believe wiki-status does not have a special rule for the owner of the post, so if the TL requirement is higher than the user’s TL then they would no longer be able to edit their post once the edit-own-post window closes.

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I just tested this on Try and it turns out we we have an exception built in for this. If your post is wiki, it doesn’t matter what the TL requirement is set to: As the owner you will also have edit-privileges to a wiki post.


Thanks for testing this and posting back.

I guess this means then that the regular who first posted a wiki would be ok, but for anyone else who has contributed towards it in the past, if the TL was increased, it may prevent them from making further changes, as they wouldn’t have had the original ownership of the wiki.


I also have a question about Wiki permissions. We recently created a wiki topic and one of our members just informed me that he gets the message that he can not edit the topic since there is a maximum set of 10 members. I can not find this setting.

Does this sounds familiar to anyone?

Can you include a screenshot? This does not sound familiar to me.

I dont remember if it was wiki related but I do recall a setting about the number of tags that could be used in a post. This had a limit of 10 by default I think. Not sure if it is related, just chirping in.

@RobMeade and @sam thanks for getting back to me. Rob, you were right. The message was not wiki related but tag related. We use this wiki topic as a directory of members. The default tag setting was 10.