Post excerpts are missing from the expanded mobile timeline

Can repro on Meta on iOS, not seeing any errors in the console.


Confirming the same issue on Android here on Meta.


I fixed the egregious issue with:

I think this may have been caused by @danielwaterworth’s change here:

There is still one more issue open here, when you drag all the way to the bottom timeline does not close (it only closes if you drag to a specific number, not the extra buffer at the end)

@danielwaterworth can you have a look at ^^^^


@mjrbrennan this is still a problem in fact it is a bit worse even on mobile.

On a topic with say 30 posts where the last post is huuuuge. Try using the mobile slider (aka mobile view and then click 30/30 to get the mobile slider.

  1. It does not close when you navigate to last, but navigate to anything else and it does

  2. If last post is huge position is wrong on mobile… you can not see the end of the last post.


@sam I figured out why the slider was not closing when overshooting the timeline, so that is fixed now. The end of the last post visibility issue is just a run-on from that last PR I did here. What I can do is just edge us back up by 1/10th of the last post height if it is a big one, that should let you see the end of the post. For example before this fix:

And after:

If that little amount of text is too small we could do like 1/5th of the post height scrolling back up? If we go all the way back up to the top of the post we just land back in the original issue of not being able to scroll past the bottom of big posts.


This sounds good to me, lets try it out.

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Fix is building here FIX: Mobile topic-timeline not closing on scrolling past last post by martin-brennan · Pull Request #8730 · discourse/discourse · GitHub