Dragging the timeline handle to the end brings you to the bottom of the page, not the bottom of the discussion

  1. When dragging the timeline handle to the end, you jump to the bottom of the page. If your viewport is short, this means you may skip past the last post entirely and land on suggested topics or a footer.

    When dragged to the end you should probably end up at the bottom of the last post… the jump to the bottom of the page is especially annoying in PMs that have both related and suggested topics.

  2. To contrast, when the date of the last post is clicked you’re brought to the top of the last post (which I think makes sense as-is)

This was adjusted for mobile recently (Jump to last post does not jump to correct position and does not hide jump tool after scrolling), but the issue persists on desktop.


I support this as a change, it simplifies stuff and makes it consistent.

@mjrbrennan can you take this change and apply it to both mobile and desktop? (be sure to test on a topic with 1 very very very long post)


In the mean time, you can just click on the bottom of the slider and you will be taken to the last post. Manually dragging it down does indeed taken you to the bottom of the page… past the last post.

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From the other topic, it doesn’t seem to be clear why this jump to end functionality was ever implemented. So should I just assume it wasn’t needed and remove both @pmusaraj’s workaround and @danielwaterworth’s original functionality?

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The big reason is cause if you had a single post that was enormous you would drag stuff to the end and still be stuck at the top of the first post. It was quite frustrating.


Ah thank you for that extra context. So it is still needed in some cases. Will take that into account :+1:


I’ve added a fix for this here.

Please see my PR notes. I think it works well but there is probably still room for improvement to be less strict.


@awesomerobot can you please confirm this is working better/as you expect now :slight_smile:


Yes, appears to work much better now. :muscle: