Jump to last post does not jump to correct position and does not hide jump tool after scrolling

UX bug: Only on mobiles when user uses the “jump scrolling tool” and scrolls to the very end, it does not jump to the last post but the end of page so that the last post is not seen. See image below. Also the box for jump scrolling does not get hidden after jump. If you scroll jump to any other post that is not the last post, you will arrive to the correct post and also the box will “go down” automatically so that you see the posts behind it. Tested with android and chrome. Also same issue with safari and iphone.

Our instance can be found here: https://keskustelut.inderes.fi/


Does anyone else see this as a problem :D?

Yep, I can reproduce here on Meta.

We’ll look into fixing it as soon as we can :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks! :slight_smile:

@pmusaraj this might be a good one to tackle while you are working on layouts and other things on mobile.


Tell me if you guys get to patch this, so I can deliver the good news to our community :muscle::grin:

This should be fixed now via FIX: Revert mobile jump to last post behaviour · discourse/discourse@f175afa · GitHub.


This should be fixed now if you get latest.


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