Keyboard Shortcut - post actions select post unclear

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I’m having the same issue as reported in the above topic.
None of these shortcuts are working for me in
Discourse Version 1.6.8 in Chrome 55.0.2883.95 (2883.95) on macOS 10.11.4:

 s Share post
 r Reply to post
 q Quote post
 l Like post
 ! Flag post
 b Bookmark post
 e Edit post
 d Delete post

Is this a known issue?

So I’m not sure what the “q Quote post” is supposed to do. If I have selected text in a post, and it shows:

Is there a shortcut key to use the quote, as if I had clicked on the popup?


BTW, I have done extensive searching, both here in the forum, and via Google, but could not find any recent topics that address this issue.

EDIT:  2016-12-19  3:24 PM CT

Solution:  [Post #2]( by @jomaxro

They’re all working for me (can’t test delete here…). Have you selected the post first using j and k? As those are post commands they’ll do nothing if there isn’t a post selected.

As for quote, it works, but you have to have the post selected.


Nope, did NOT have the post selected. Didn’t know I needed to.
How are users supposed to know this from the Shortcut Keys popup?

May I propose a small change to the Shortcut Keys popup to clarify this?

This is just a simple mockup. Of course you guys can use any style you wish that is clear.


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Moved this to #ux, I agree that it is unclear that the post actions are not clear from the popup. However, not everything in Actions requires a selected post. Perhaps split the post actions from “global” actions.


Generally the advanced folks who deal with keyboard shortcuts are expected to be able to figure this out :wink:

If you press a “reply” key, the obvious question is: reply to which post?

So I guess me, and those like me, are all idiots?

Just because it is obvious to you and your kind, Jeff, does NOT mean it is obvious to everyone else.

But why make it a mystery? What is so hard about putting this info on the Shortcuts key popup?

And I thought it would be the post currently indicated in the right margin, like this:

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Aha, I see your point. That’s fair!