Post Install Email Issues

I don’t really fancy giving malign my credit card info, so I’m trying to set up a discourse install with Sendgrid.

So far, I have completed the install, but email fails, so I can’t actually make an admin account.

I created a Sendgrid account & used the apikey on port 587.

Where can I go from here to fix this problem? The “post-installation email issue” thread is just confusing as shit.

How can I get some logs to post here so I can get some help?

Hey @TUNCasiesruocsid! Welcome!

It’s hard to know what to tell you because you haven’t said what the problem is. Are you getting an error when you try to send? How does it fail? Do you get an error, or does it just not get there? Did you check spam?

Here is the standard answer to your “can’t send email” problem, hopefully it’ll help! Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install


Exactly what Jay said.

Also, Meta is very helpful, and everyone helps where they can, but you have to first help your self. Asking broad questions without trying to read and understand past answers or research a solution won’t work well here, so I’ll suggest sharing more details and rewording your question, also based off what your problem is, do try to use the search button and read through past answers, we are all here to help each other help ourselves :wink: