Sendgrid is driving me up the wall!

Hi! I’ve been trying to get Discourse up and running (armed only with Google and no real knowledge of Ubuntu or anything else). The page is up and running, but when I try and register as the admin, I don’t receive the email.

So far, I’ve:

  • Created a Droplet on Digital Ocean
  • Set up Discourse via the Droplet Console
  • Created a Sendgrid API and Reverse DNS
  • Verified Sender Identity and Authenticated Domain

I should also say:

  • I’m running on 2525 because I read that it fixed the problem for a lot of people. It hasn’t in my case, so I’m assuming I’m missing something simple.
  • Username is “apikey”, so it’s not that error either

Despite all of the above, SendGrid isn’t sending out emails. I ran Discourse-Doctor, and this is what I got:

I also tested with having the emails delivered to a mail-tester address as suggested, but no luck with that either.

TELNET did indicate that the 2525 port is open and that my API key is valid, but I keep getting a 550 error. My hunch is that this is caused by the same underlying issue affecting the Discourse email. But I literally know nothing about this, so I could be way off.

This is the discourse site:

Thank you in advance!

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Here’s the TELNET screenshot:

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Sounds like you’ve not set up your DNS records correctly to verify you own the domain?


No, this is definitely set up, I checked with Sendgrid support too to make sure!


I would press them for more help, because that error is theirs, not Discourse’s.

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Yeah, their support has been pretty useless so far. They had no idea why it was acting up either. I’ll try following up via email, maybe that might be more effective than chat.


There are two different domains there: appears to have a Mailgun spf verification:

Perhaps a mixup of the two somewhere in your settings?


Ah, good eye! But that was a typo, but unfortunately fixing that doesn’t fix the problem as the issue is with the From email by the looks of it. I don’t own either.

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Figured it out! Putting the answer here for anyone else who finds this post!

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails r "SiteSetting.notification_email = 'email address'"

I made a new email address ( and added it to Sendgrid. Working great now!