Post_liked webhook?



We are adding Discourse as a forum to a system which tracks user actions and award points. Our system tracks content creation and interaction.

We successfully used webhooks to track post & topic creation but there doesn’t seem to be anything for post_liked and topic_liked.

Is this planned down the road? Has it been attempted but turned down out of stability/performance issues?

How easy would it be to customize webhooks?


(Sam Saffron) #3

I am kind of open to this, in other cases like flagging which is also a post action this makes total sense, cause alerting an external system when a post is flagged is super useful.

I have some concerns around load this can generate though cause there can be tons of likes.


I’m thinking that since webhooks on post/topics creations are passing a lot of data very often without that much impact on performance, there shouldn’t be that much issues with likes. They can happen as often as new posts and the payload is going to be smaller (post id, user id, like/unlike action, total likes).

But I could be totally wrong about it. I’ve not explored Discourse’s source much.