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I couldn’t find an answer to this in the docs or after digging into the code. I’m interested in adopting discourse. A key use case for us is to integrate it with our platform’s gamification engine. I want to be able to increment a user’s points on our internal platform when their post or reply is liked.

To do this I’d like to be able to access an event when a user likes a post or reply via a webhook or potentially Kinesis Stream. Open to other ideas how to do this though. Happy to put some dev time into this to build a plugin if required.

Is this a known use case? What internal event would we have to hook into to be able to develop this?

(James Kiesel) #2

There’s no current event for this. However, you can include one as part of a plugin.

# plugin.rb
class ::PostAction
  module ListenForLikes
    def act(user, post, post_action_type_id, opts = {})
      super(user, post, post_action_type_id, opts).tap do |action|
        DiscourseEvent.trigger(:post_liked, action) if action.persisted? && action.is_like?
  singleton_class.prepend ListenForLikes

on :post_liked do |action|
  # do some stuff

(John McKim) #3

Thanks. That’s really useful. I’ve done a quick POC and it definitely looks feasible to set something up for both :post_liked and :post_unliked.

My next challenge is to work out how I can aggregate likes by tags. But I think I’ll be able to work that out easily by getting all the data into our warehouse and running batch jobs to aggregate.

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