Post list not recovering after 429

when you happen to scroll really fast really long (e.g. by using the wheel unlocking of a Logitech mouse, you can end up in a 429, which is reasonable. However ideally the error should be caught and a retry thrown in, depending on how long it takes also show something to the user.

also maybe a manual pagination option could be helpful when someone wants to look for something that is older so they can roughly home in on the date rather than needing to scroll back for months or years one page at a time.


Hi @My1! :wave:

I’ve tried to reproduce this with my Logitech mouse, it isn’t happening for me. Does it give you a 429 here on Meta, or at

You might use the timeline to jump into the discussion where you want. If you grab the bar, you can slide it along to where you’d like to read:

Screenshot 2022-10-25 at 12-39-25 Set up a smart chatbot on discourse 🤖 - documentation _ sysadmin - Discourse Meta


here on meta it wasnt, I just stumbled across this in another discouse forum, mentioned it on twitter and was asked to write here, so here I am.

Here’s an image of where it was happening

maybe you guys have a CDN or whatever (or a newer version of discourse) which can deal with quick stuff better. And try doesnt even have a remotely long enough list.

I was not meaning within a topic, but rather (as seen in the shot above) the list of topics.