Post reply via Twitter?

Would it be possible for users to post a short reply via Twitter to a forum discussion?

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That’s a nice idea, but I wonder… At the bare minimum, the tweet will need to contain some forum-specific hashtag and the topic ID. If you have the topic ID, you’ve either just read an email notification from Discourse or have the forum open in your webbrowser.

In either of these cases, going to Twitter, typing in the topic ID and struggling to compose your reply in 140 letters minus the hashtag and topic ID – when you could literally just hit “reply” in your email client or webbrowser – makes not exactly a lot of sense.


@elberet, I would see this working as a user tweeting to an account that’s associated to the forum with the hastag being the topic ID.

So, for example, an RSS Feed can pull new topics and distributed it as a tweet to all followers with the topic ID as a hashtag.

For this topic it would be something like this:

@forumtweeteraccount #20332 The remaining number of chars of text would be tweeted plus a http://shortened_link_to_the_post

Okay, but now you’re sending out lots and lots and looots of notifications via Twitter. Because unless you notify your users about replies to their posts or watched topics, they’ll be using their email client or webbrowser when they eventually see these notifications and won’t need to use Twitter to reply.

You do realize that everything you post on Twitter is completely public, right?

And the privacy issue aside, this is not what Discourse is about. It’s about being a platform for a meaningful discussion. And meaningful discussions are not to be had in 140 characters less recipient’s nickname and hashtag…