Post your Discouse homepage generation time

I’ll start with mine:

Kudus to Discourse, I’ve been around discussion forums forever. Long enough that I sold a VBulletin forum with at-peak 70k registered members back in 2001! lol

When I saw Discourse’s “Trust Level” system, I was immediately like “wtf! I came up with that name” because I remember manually setting up that in 1999 ish. But pretty sure it’s a coincidence or just arriving at the same name/destination.

Beyond trust levels, Discourse is just a very complete discussion platform. The base features are simple but extensive. It’s all very logical and addresses just about all of the major flaws of traditional web forums.

Of course, what stands out to me considering all this is the fast performance, at least thus far. Hence the title of this thread.

I was able to reduce the homepage generation times from ~ 200 to 300ms to ~40 to 100ms and will be always looking for more speed, obsessed with it.

If you have a faster-than-average Discourse forum, please share your load times and any tips. I’m yet to figure out what the average times are for most installs so hoping to understand a bit more as well.


Please do tell :blush:


Nothing crazy really. Just applied all of the best practices, there are many from hosting, to tuning; when you put them all together the results are worthwhile. The forums have been great. 9/10 times I’m able to find info on most things without having to open a thread.

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