Posting on users accounts?

Out of interest, is there a way so that profiles have a wall which other users are able to post on?
If not, is there a small possibility that this could be added as a future feature, or is there a plugin for it?

I can’t really figure out how to explain this fully, but it’s basically allowing users to comment on other users ‘walls’ or pages.

No such feature exists, or is planned. Why not start a topic yourself titled “The flappy penguin wall topic” (for example) and post in it? Isn’t that the same thing? You could link to that topic from your user profile “about me” if you want.

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It was just a feature requested by one of my users, and I wasn’t sure if it was a thing. Thanks.

Is what you want a feature in other forum software? Or is this feature found in social media?

All the user walls I’ve seen in forums cannot be commented on by other users. The “Wall” in the forum I frequent most often is a list of my friends’ activity.

I used to use Invision Community and it had such a feature—On each user’s profile page, there is a tab Activitythat not only lists all activity by the user but also there is a text box at the top that allows you to Write a public message on username's feed...

Though it appears to duplicate the function of private messages, the emphasis was on public because then other users can also see the message and react to or comment on it. It’s like a public yet personal comment to someone that others can join in if they wish, that wouldn’t be relevant as a topic in the forum. I suppose it’s like being able to post on a friend’s Facebook’s personal profile timeline?

Is it just me or is writing on someone’s ‘wall’ in faux privacy just a little bit nauseating and also very dated, passé. In what circumstances do you genuinely need to publicly show off a one to one communication with another person?

Publicly demonstrating you remembered someone’s birthday?! Why?

I remember with a grimace a couple on Facebook who used to send eachother sweet nothings publicly like this all the time. Why? Because they were married but constantly working away from eachother and I suspect desperate to maintain a public awareness that their other half was not ‘available’. This was made all the worse by the bandwidth sapping FB notifications of such banal wall writing that I would get and so would have all their friends. Barf.

Just because you can build the feature doesn’t mean you should?


Indeed. I don’t disagree, there were many reasons why I migrated to Discourse after all :smile:

It is fascinating to observe the evolution of community platforms and how they reflect (and simultaneously reinforce) social mores of an era.