Posting to Subcategories

(Ekenheim) #1

I mentioned this in an earlier thread devoted to something else.

I feel when your posting to subcategories it’s abit confusing at the moment…
Looking at how it is right now. Create new topic -> [Title][Categories/Subcategories] in the same box.
However if you have a forum that has Different categories but same named subcategories it causes problem to have all the categories and subcategories in the same box…

What about adding another [box] when creating topics, one that populates the subcategories after a category has been chosen?

This is kinda how you locate topics at the moment, you chose category ->site loads -> you chose subcategory -> site loads, and you find your relevant topics…

(Dave McClure) #2

There is support for this idea here, but its probably never become a priority:

[Bounty] Subcategory / Anonymous postings
(Ekenheim) #3

Will just have to hope it gets implemented someday :)…
It’s just that having them all in the same box, they might aswell just be a category instead of a subcategory, praying for that second category box to appear in commit :wink: :slight_smile: