(practical) max number of tags

Earlier discussion suggest limit number of categories to a reasonable number, e.g., <100.

I wonder is there a practical upper limit for total number of tags before we expect performance or other issues ?

Would a ~20k tags be a reasonable number ?

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I think it should be fine, but it is hard to imagine how it won’t be a nightmare for users to select them.


thanks, I’m hoping the auto-complete feature should make usability viable, similar as how tags are used in social sites.


Funnily enough, that’s exactly what me and a couple of other folks are aiming for. :grinning:

Definitely share your findings later down the line. Scalability is my #1 development priority right now, so it would be very valuable to me. :sparkles:

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thanks for the pointer! Is there already a plugin reflecting this effort ?
EDIT: Never mind, see the mention in another post. Thanks!

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