Tags are not getting rendered for Non-Admin Users


I currently have around 17000 (it is going to increase by 1000 almost every year) tags on my forum and my admin account can see all the tags if I go to example.com/tags/. However, if I do it with a regular user, nothing shows up on the tags page (picture below). Note that all tags are accessible to the users by exampl.com/tag/tag_name.

Another problem is that when I perform a search by Tags, only 5 entries show up (there are definitely more than 5 that matches my search query).

If this is due to the large number of tags: I am currently using a 2vcpu 4gb ram DigitalOcean instance. The load graphs didn’t show much load but I am willing to upgrade if there is a way to resolve this.

Picture of the empty tags page:

I don’t know, but I’m really curious: what kind of forum needs that huge amount of tags?

I am building a discussion platform for research papers for a specific repository. Currently, the repository has around 17000 papers and around 1000 is added each year.

Here are the requirements that led to this:

  1. I would like to have more than one topic being opened for a paper. Because each topic has a different “topic” of discussion or a question around the same paper. Hence, I need a category for each paper but I have read that using tags is a better option if there are many of them.
  2. A topic can span more than one paper (e.g. if there is a question or discussion concerning two papers at the same time).

I couldn’t find any other way of accomplishing this via Discourse other than tags. I would be very happy to learn if there is a more elegant way.


Since you’re not sharing your URL, can you please see if there is anything odd in the Network and Console tabs of your browser, or in /logs/ ?

Sure, here they are (Note that the logs were not generated after I made a request to the tags from a user) I wanted to include it all to see if there can be problem related to a previous issue:

Curious why you need so many? Why so granular? Isn’t this going to be a nightmare to manage purely functionally? Can’t you decrease the granularity? Surely tags are mostly high level categorisations?

I explained the use case above: Tags are not getting rendered for Non-Admin Users - #3 by attj

I am also actively looking for more elegant alternative options. But if there are no performance issues, the current use of tags exactly implements the functionality that I want.

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Apologies, I get it, you want to link two or more Topics with a unique tag. That’s a very novel use case (in relation to the granularity, it’s normal to associate topics by tag of course :sweat_smile: ).

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Actually, it is linking two topics with two tags. So let’s say I have a paper with tag=001 and another paper with tag=005.

The user picks 001 and 005 while posting a topic that includes a discussion for both. So I don’t have a separate 001-005 tag.

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I actually figured the reason of the main problem (tags being not rendered), currently, none of the tags were in use (bulk upload). I realized that only the used tags are being shown to the users. Which is fine for my use case since I will populating each tag with a Main Topic anyways. So there was no issue regarding the rendering after all.

The problem of tag searches showing 5 results still persists though.


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