Praise: ability to navigate in the site while editing a post is AMAZING

Just noticed it, I call back my feature request for inline editing, having the edit panel open while browsing is simply great. please port to stackoverflow :smile:


See, this is why I said, hang out here for a while before concluding we’re all crazy and opening “you gotta de-crazy this!!” topics :smile:

That said we are still crazy.


I feel bad resurrecting an old thread but the “ability to navigate in the site while editing a post” is what I most appreciate about using Discourse day to day. This is the one feature that I wish was available on every forum I use. Thanks.:heart:

I also discovered that I can start a new post and navigate the site and edit posts in other categories without losing my original edits. Allowing a draft post per topic is a wonderful idea too. I like that, unless I minimize the draft post, I’m reminded I have an open draft when I edit another post. Thanks for this and side-by-side preview. :grinning: