Pre compilation error version 3.0.4

It seems in version 3.0.4 asset pre-compilation is broken due to a syntax error. When trying to precompile the assets I get this error:

RAILS_ENV=production SKIP_DB_AND_REDIS=1 DONT_PRECOMPILE_CSS=1  bundle exec rake --trace assets:precompile

rake aborted!
SyntaxError: /opt/bitnami/discourse/lib/file_store/base_store.rb:96: syntax error, unexpected ','
      download(*, **, print_deprecation: false)
/opt/bitnami/discourse/lib/file_store/base_store.rb:102: syntax error, unexpected ','
      download(*, **, print_deprecation: false)

In this part of the code when changing the asterisks with normal strings it works correctly:

    # TODO: Remove when #download becomes the canonical safe version.
    def download_safe(arg1, arg2)
      download(arg1, arg2, print_deprecation: false)
    rescue StandardError

Hello and welcome @mdhont :slight_smile:

As you’re using the bitnami image I’m afraid you would need to contact them about any issues. We only support the standard install here on Meta.

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This is happening because that syntax requires Ruby 3.2.

(And it’s quite unusual to change minimum Ruby version requirements on a minor stable release :slightly_frowning_face: )

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Hi @JammyDodger,

I’m a bitnami developer, sorry I didn’t mention that :slight_smile: In any case, @RGJ you are right, we were tracking version 3.1 for discourse, thanks a ton for helping out.



I encounter the same error on a standard install: Error on Ruby 3.2 syntax on standard install