Pre-seeding banned/suspended member list

I have started to invite members over from our old board. So far, so good!

But I have 500 or so ‘bad actors’ from over the years who I’d love to pre-ban if possible. Is it possible?

The evil way would be to invite them into a group with no permissions, but I’ll bet 90% of them have mostly forgotten about us, and an email to remind them would not be cool.

What do you suggest? So far I have a list posted in our staff section of the banned member list from the old software. This is not ideal, obviously.



You can tweak the trust levels to your community’s needs. Making it harder to bring noise with new accounts might just solve your problem.


The ideal solution would be a batch of invites that don’t get emailed, creating the accounts and then immediately giving them the proverbial finger.

The admin in me wants to spin up a smarthost mailserver temporarily, reject all the mail, then turn it off.

There’s got to be a better way

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OK… searching around, I found an empty list under Logs called ‘Screened Emails’ under logs. This seems to be the right place to drop in my list of baddies.

Feature request to allow manual insertion here?

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