Prefixing `@` symbol in the usernames

Discourse using @ symbol to mention both users and groups. So I think it will be nice to display @ symbol on both user and group profiles (even in posts too) like below.


For Usernames, I’m using this

.names span.username a::before {content: "@"}
.names span h2::before {content: "@"}
.user-main .about .details h2::before {content: "@"}

Thank you. That’s a good and useful workaround :thumbsup:

Also I like to see this in core too.

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But that adds the @ symbol (also) to the user’s full name. I don’t get the idea…

yeh, you’re right,
Adding @ to css is not a good option,
In setting, we have to set these options, and requite user full name

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Actually the code should be like below. (.username included in h2)

.names span.username a::before {content: "@"}
.names span h2.username::before {content: "@"}
.user-main .about .details h2.username::before {content: "@"}

@tophee Also I guess in your website you prioritized the username. That’s the problem. Then the code should be like below (not yet verified)

.names span.username a::before {content: "@"}
.names span h1.username a::before {content: "@"}
.user-main .about .details h1.username a::before {content: "@"}