Preserving site settings through migration

Hi Discourse,

Is there a best practice for saving and restoring the Discourse site settings, separate from the user and post content?

We’re looking at migrating a big vB forum (~150k users) to Discourse. We’re expecting an iterative, lengthy process to get the import right. We’ll also be spending some time beforehand getting the Discourse site settings configured for our uses.

Ideally we’d be able to get the site settings how we want them at our leisure, then export them, then spend however long it takes to get the migration right without worrying about the site settings, then do a final migration import, knowing that we can import our site settings cleanly/quickly when the migration is complete.

Thanks for any guidance!

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This tool will probably meet your needs by letting you export and then later re-import the Site Settings:


Looks like the answer, thank you!

Well, I’m not entirely sure that it works anymore, but it might.

See also Administrative Bulk Operations

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