How can I import/export settings into a file?

Is it possible, after tuning Discourse on local computer, to export all settings into file and upload them into production?


I guess probably you can export your settings from DB.

 public | single_sign_on_records     | table | discourse
 public | site_customizations        | table | discourse
 public | site_settings              | table | discourse
 public | stylesheet_cache           | table | discourse

Notice site_settings table. You can also take this data from your backup. It already have a dump of your database inside it.

Then all you need to do is restore this table to your server from your local dump. :thumbsup:

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Courtesy of @blake we now have rake tasks to export/import site settings:

rake site_settings:export > settings.yml
rake site_settings:import < settings.yml

For those who do not have access to rake tasks, I also have contributed a settings uploader that uses the API: GitHub - pfaffman/discourse-settings-uploader: Install a Discourse settings JSON file to a site



I’ve used discourse-settings-uploader to upload site_settings.json file from the GitHub Jay mentioned. I get this error when I run it:

./discourse-settings-uploader:39:in `<main>': undefined method `each' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)

line39: settings['site_settings'].each do |setting|
line40:  jsetting (setting) unless setting['value'] == setting['default']
line41: end

I used an API key for “All Users” and used “system” when I ran discourse-settings-uploader.
Any thoughts?

For future reference some problems I had using discourse-settings-uploader, getting 301 errors:

./discourse-settings-uploader 22f7d44321ae2365d3e3a5e9224524ba0e7302bd75ed06bfbh31ed5090ec6d3b system site-settings.json
E! 301 Moved Permanently

I get this error once for each setting. But I can browse the site successfully at those URLs. So I figured out - it’s going through http, and that is disabled.

So now I add https to my site name and I get a different error:

SiteSettingtitle="My sIte"
E! SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed (unable to get local issuer certificate)
something's wrong with {"title"=>"Mysite", :api_key=>"22f7d44321ae2365d3e3a5e9224524ba0e7302bd75ed06bfbh31ed5090ec6d3b ec6d3b", :api_username=>"system"}

So this boils down to a deficient local configuration of root certificates, it seems. I could go off and waste an afternoon on this, but instead what I did was turn off verify_ssl. It’s very insecure and horrible things will happen to you and your children and your children’s children but for this case, I just didn’t care.

So in the uploader script I added this method:

def put_no_ssl(url, payload, headers={}, &block)
  RestClient::Request.execute(method: :put, url: url, :payload => payload, headers: headers, verify_ssl: false, &block)

And below, I changed the call from

r = RestClient.put(url, my_hash)


r = put_no_ssl(url, my_hash)

And it worked! :sunglasses:


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Hello community,
I need to export the site settings from the production to the staging. I found this instruction Discourse-Settings Uploader, created a json file with settings but do not have a possibility to import it. I do not know where I can run this command
./discourse-settings-uploader HOSTURL API_KEY API_USER SETTINGS_FILE
Should it be done via terminal? My client told me that they use a community discourse and do not have terminal access. What does it mean? How is it better to solve my issue? I am pretty new to this, so I need your help.
Thank you in advance.

Have a look at Backup only Site Settings. You need to download the script from github and have Ruby installed.