Pressing enter on custom user field reloads page, loses data

If a user is editing a custom user text field on their profile and presses enter, the page reloads and the data previously entered into the field is lost.

I tried this on Firefox on Mac and Chrome on Linux.

It’s especially disruptive if the field is one that a user might expect to include returns (e.g., a mailing address). Oh, and it throws away data in any other field that text has been added to.

I’d expect that if you press enter it would submit the data, not merely reload the page.

Has it always been this way?

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It hasn’t. It reproduces here on meta, but not on my v2.3.0.beta9 +184 instance.

Possible lodash regression, will look tomorrow if no one beats me to it.


So this is not lodash, it seems like it’s been here for quite some time.


Ok that was tricky:

I’m very doubtful it’s a recent regression.